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Dr. Nicolas Lorenzini, 27th June 2020


Bio: Clinical psychologist, MSc in psychoanalytic studies, PhD in psychology (UCL). Psychoanalytic psychotherapist in Berlin. Trainee in Mentalization-Based Treatment and Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy. Postdoctoral Research Fellow at University College London. Lecturer at the International Psychoanalytic University Berlin.


Founder and vice-president of the Association for the Study and Development of Mentalizing (AIEDEM) and Editor of their journal. Co-opted member of the Executive Committee of the International Attachment Network in the United Kingdom (IAN-UK). Technical and Academic Director of IAN-UK’s online training. Guest Researcher at the Millenium Institute for Depression and Personality (MIDAP) in Chile. Assistant to Professor Peter Fonagy.


Webinar details: 


Lecture 1 - Mentalizing and the BPD patient: Rationale for Treatment.

Lecture 2 - Mentalization-Based Treatment for BPD: An Introduction.

This course is a brief introduction to MBT as the therapeutic off-shoot of mentalizing theory, which has its origins in the understanding of attachment as the primary source of our capacity to explain behaviour as rooted on intentional mental states.


This two-hour course will first review the conception of Borderline Personality Disorder as characterised by a dysfunction in the ability to mentalize, and a description of such dysfunction. Then we will briefly describe the techniques of MBT and their rationale, with the intention of showing that even besides the structured treatment that MBT constitutes, the idea of mentalizing as one of the guides of most therapeutic processes is clinically useful and fruitful.

You will be required to write a short, reflective essay at the end to get your certificate.

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