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Interfamily Therapy is a modern form of therapeutic work, scientifically validated, which is placed half-way between psychotherapy and social intervention. It brings together different models such as attachment theory, group analysis, large group work, systemic family therapy and the so-called “Open Dialogue Practice”. It is applicable not only to mental health, but also to dealing with a variety of human problems and in a variety of institutions.

It is a model has proved to be useful for psychologists, psychiatrists, nurses, doctors, social workers, occupational therapists, teachers and other professional groups.

It is a simple, practical and human treatment which implies a more social, ecological and democratic way of understanding and of acting on the problems of human beings, which could be expanded as a widespread model of intervention in mental health, social services and education, thanks to its efficiency and low cost.



This workshop will have a theoretical and practical aspects. We will introduce some theoretical concepts for multifamily therapy and, more specifically, the “Interfamily Therapy” model. There will also be a practical part, through video revision discussion and role playing. The active involvement of the participants will be encouraged.



  1. Mental health and its application in Multifamily Therapy.

  2. Focus in Interfamily Therapy as a specific model of Multifamily Therapy.  

  3. Theoretical foreground and methodology of Interfamily Therapy based in attachment theory and dialogical practices.

  4. Application of Interfamily interventions in different contexts.


Early bird rate: Rs 4000 (before 10th June)
4500 for non members
3500 for members


Javier Sempere_edited.jpg

Dr. Javier Sempere


Psychiatrist. Group, family and multifamily therapist. Member of honour of IAN UK. Teacher and supervisor. Director of the Interfamily Therapy Center (CTI) in Elche, Spain.


Dr. Mario Marrone


Psychiatrist. Founder of the International Attachment Network in 1992. He has trained in Group Analysis at the Institute of Group Analysis and in Psychoanalysis at the Institute of Psychoanalysis (London).

Claudio Fuenzalida_edited.jpg

Claudio Fuenzalida

Psychologist. Teacher and supervisor of Multifamily Therapy. Member of honour of IAN UK. Teacher and supervisor. Coordinator of the Interfamily Therapy Center (CTI) in Elche, Spain.

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