Dr. Javier Sempere

Bio: Phd in Psychiatrist and psychotherapist. He has worked in various hospitals and mental health centers in Madrid, Barcelona and Alicante (Spain). Group therapist supervisor in some institutions in Spain, Latin America and several European countries. He develops his professional work as director of the Center for Interfamily Therapy (CTI) in Elche (Alicante) and as assistant psychiatrist of the Public Mental Health Services in Valencia.


He is the introducer of the method of interfamiliar therapy, a form of multifamily therapy based on dialogical practices. Author of the book “Multifamily Therapies” (Editorial Psimática, 2017) and various articles and book chapters. He participates in various university postgraduate programs and coordinates the course of University Expert in Multifamily Interventions by Lasalle University in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia.

Dr. Claudio Fuenzalida

Bio: Psychologist specialized in group interventions. He has studies in several universities such as the University of Otago (New Zealand), University of Potsdam (Germany), University of Milan (Italy) and University of Joensuu (Finland).

In 2010 he started working in the Interfamily Therapy Center (CTI), a clinical center located in Elche (Spain) dedicated to the investigation and application of clinical applications based in Attachment Theory. Coordinator of postgraduate university courses of Multifamily Therapy in Lasalle University in Madrid and Barcelona. Supervisor at this moment in many health and social institutions in Madrid, Barcelona and Alicante. Coordinator of European projects related to community and family resources. Currently he coordinates a Unit of Adolescents and families with psychological problems.

He has published several articles, book chapters and a doctoral thesis describing theoretical bases, clinical application and scientific research about Interfamily Therapy models. 

Webinar details:


Interfamily Therapy is a modern form of therapeutic work, scientifically validated, which is placed half-way between psychotherapy and social intervention. It brings together different models such as attachment theory, group analysis, large group work, systemic family therapy and the so-called “Open Dialogue Practice”. It is applicable not only to mental health, but also to dealing with a variety of human problems and in a variety of institutions.

It is a model has proved to be useful for psychologists, psychiatrists, nurses, doctors, social workers, occupational therapists, teachers and other professional groups.

It is a simple, practical and human treatment which implies a more social, ecological and democratic way of understanding and of acting on the problems of human beings, which could be expanded as a widespread model of intervention in mental health, social services and education, thanks to its efficiency and low cost.



This workshop will have a theoretical and practical aspects. We will introduce some theoretical concepts for multifamily therapy and, more specifically, the “Interfamily Therapy” model. There will also be a practical part, through video revision discussion and role playing. The active involvement of the participants will be encouraged.



  1. Mental health and its application in Multifamily Therapy.

  2. Focus in Interfamily Therapy as a specific model of Multifamily Therapy.  

  3. Theoretical foreground and methodology of Interfamily Therapy based in attachment theory and dialogical practices.

  4. Application of Interfamily interventions in different contexts.