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Support Group

The International Attachment Network promotes the fundamental role of attachment theory in all aspects of human connection. We advocate and educate on its application for improved outcomes in the fields of psychological health, healthcare, social care, education, public policy and beyond. We do this by bringing together clinicians, researchers, academics and professionals in our series of events, seminars, training initiatives, research programs, publications and international network of IAN’s. 

IAN India has its primary focus on creating equal access for continuing education opportunities for mental health professionals by organising webinars, workshops and experiential learning opportunities for its members (and interested practitioners) to explore clinical applications as well and access new research on attachment theory.

Our speakers/facilitators are renowned, experienced and passionate clinicians and researchers from all over the world. We also collaborate for our events with other IAN Chapters such as Pakistan, Saudi Arabia etc. in similar timezones and welcome attendees from all over the world!

All contributions for the events go to the running of IAN India so we can continue our efforts towards continuing education.

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