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IAN India is open for membership!

Please note, we provide access to education and learning, but membership does not qualify professionals to call themselves 'attachment based' practitioners or psychodynamic psychotherapists. We provide continued professional development (CPD) hours, but not licences to practice.


Once you attend 3 IAN India events you qualify to become a member.

Here is what you will need in order to become a member:

1. Proof of a minimum of a Masters level qualification. A picture of your degree will do! Also send us a CV/link to an updated LinkedIn profile.

2. We need to know that you seek regular, formalised supervision for your practice because ethics are the ethos around which IAN India has been built. If you could tell us roughly how you organise your supervision monthly, along with the names and qualifications of your supervisor/peer supervisors. Your supervision can be a combination of peer, group and

individual supervision. We require a minimum of 2 hours of supervision a month in whichever form in order to become a member. If you do maintain a log of your supervision hours, we'd love to have a look!

3. Submit a reflective essay about an ethical dilemma you had at work or personally. The

aim for this is not to 'assess' right or wrong, but rather to gain insight into your openness to engage with ethics in your practice. We encourage you to explore 'mistakes', 'boundary crossing' etc, there is no judgement but perhaps a space to be reflexive in the process of

writing itself. 

4. Please give us details of other continued professional training (diplomas, certificates,

workshops, seminars, reading groups etc.) you undertake/have undertaken.

5. We require all our members to go to personal therapy. Do tell us if you do and if not,

what has held you back?


To sustain your membership yearly, you must attend a minimum of 3 events a year. Your membership is retained on attendance and participation, not finance.  

Our aim for members is to create a community of mental health professionals throughout India who have equal access to updated research, practice and education in the ever-evolving field of attachment theory and connect with colleagues who are passionate about similar ways of practice.


An updated list of members is on our 'WHO WE ARE' page. 

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